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Audio Engineering Training, RPL

Sound of Sounds is proud to introduce the RPL process as a way of gaining full qualifications audio engineering and related fields. The Recognition of Prior Learning aims to help you as a centre in providing information to assist learners in identifying their formal recognition for the knowledge, understanding and skills they have.

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Forensic Audio Engineering

Audio Enhancement, Audio Authentication, Audio Cleaning Services.

Audio Engineering and Productions

Equipment Sales, Sound Hire, Sound System Design, Installation, Technical Support.


Sound System Engineering & Design

System Design Services for all applications, Broadcasting, TV Productions and Reality Shows, Location Sound for the Film Industry, Live Venues, Conference and Convention Centers, Auditoriums, State Parliaments and Court Rooms.

Recording Engineering and Productions

Sound Recording Services for all productions, Mobile Hard Disc Recording Equipment, Studio Recordings for all productions.

Mixing and Mastering Engineering

Final Mix, Audio Enhancement, Audio Cleaning Services.

Film Audio Engineering

Film audio equipment rentals, Location Sound Recordings, Sound Design, ADR, Playback System Hire Services


Sound of Sounds is an Audio Engineering Training and Productions company registered in 2002. The company has been very active in the entertainment industry providing services ranging from live sound applications and installation, audio and music recording, outside and studio broadcast including audio education and training development.

In its 14 years of existence the company has handled big formats outdoor and indoor sound system setups, The company has trained and produced over 1000 audio professionals who are now actively involved in the general development of the sound industry and t echnology in Africa.

Audio Engineering Qualifications

Sound of Sounds has trained and produced over 1500 specialists' audio professionals in 12 years. Overall, we are proud of the tailor made programs we have created for today's engineering, technical and musical landscape with a balanced education that teaches you the skill needed, the development and the business of the trade


Master Certificate in DJ Techniques and Technology \\ Certificate in Mixing Engineering \\ Certificate in Mastering Engineering \\ Certificate in Post Production Audio \\ Certificate in Sound System Designs \\ Certificate TV Productions Audio \\ Certificate in Broadcasting Audio Engineering \\ Diploma Audio Engineering and Productions \\ Diploma Film Sound Engineering and Productions \\ Diploma Forensic Audio Engineering \\ Master Diploma in Recording Engineering \\ Master Diploma in Recording Engineering \\ Bachelors Degree in Audio Engineering and Productions \\ Bachelors Degree in Recording Arts

South Africa I Lesotho I Swaziland I Namibia I Botswana I Zimbabwe I Mozambique I Uganda I Kenya I Malawi I Nigeria

Church Sound Training and Development Network

Raising the standard of excellence in audio engineering, media productions and training of the gospel of Christ through making the sound and media equipment accessible and equipping all technical crew in every church and ministry

Gospel Sound Alliance International

Foundation devoted to facilitate donated technology products and services to churches, ministries and mission work in previously disadvantaged communities and to provide a framework for fellowship, dialogue and cooperation between the various technical media crew including free learning resources, detailed articles and how-tos, resources and tool kits on specific technology topics To Donate Click Here

Audio Engineering Crew

Sound of Sounds can provide expert operators, technicians and engineers to set up and operate all kinds of equipment to ensure your event and venue is a seamless success.



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South Africa I Lesotho I Swaziland I Namibia I Botswana I Zimbabwe I Mozambique I Uganda I Kenya I Malawi I Nigeria

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